Improved CAML IntelliSense

Don’t know why I missed this but its an essential add-in for Visual Studio 2005/2008. This guy has taken the core SharePoint schema files and extended them to add all that information from the SDK that is notoriously difficult to find. He’s done this by getting as much information as possible and sticking it in xs:annotation elements, and replacing as many xs:string types with enumerated types as possible so that we get the possible valid values.

A couple of examples that will make you go and download this straightaway:

  • When selecting a true/false type, he pops up an annotation that lets you know what type of true/false value you need, either TRUE, True, true etc etc
  • When you are creating a ListInstance and start typing the TemplateType, not only does it give you an enumeration of the various integer values that you can enter but it pops up an annotation describing what each one is

I honestly think that if you are doing SharePoint development this could easily save you a couple of hours a week!

Here’s a link to his post that describes it in more detail and where you can download the files : CAML.Net IntelliSense

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