Wil Wheaton Week (Geek Cred. +3)


Somehow this week the planets have aligned in such a way that my week has centred around Wil Wheaton, raising my Geek Credibility by at least plus 3.

Not only have I just finished reading Just A Geek by Wil Wheaton but I finally got around to watching Stand By Me (which was a 99p deal of the week rental from iTunes). The book is a fantastic read as not only does it give a personal insight into the frustrations and anxieties that he faced as a successful teenage actor from Stand By Me through Star Trek : TNG and beyond but it also acts as an interesting account of his rise from awkward, gangly youth to the ‘grown-up’ Geek that I follow on Twitter and Blog.

Another interesting point is that Wil is the same age as me, something I never realised when watching TNG, and reading his book I feel that I can relate to him in a number of ways (minus the ‘successful’ and ‘actor’ ones of course…). I too aspire to one day become a writer (he has obviously already achieved this, I have some way to go!!!) and the focus he puts on his family is something I believe in very strongly.

So I get +1 for reading the book and +1 for watching the film (if you haven’t seen it, I really recommend it. So many things that happen, phrases they say and general experiences bring back so many memories of my own childhood…).

The final +1 I get is for the awesome T-Shirt that I am wearing in the photo. If you haven’t heard of http://shirt.woot.com, go there and have a look. Its a custom T-Shirt website that allows people to submit their own designs for T-Shirts and the top 20 most popular can be ordered (they deliver to the UK and are very reasonably priced). I was the VERY LAST person to order Wil Wheaton’s ‘How we roll’ T-Shirt design and if you go to this link you’ll see proof that I was the person that made this T-Shirt go out of print as I ordered the last one!! I ordered it using an id that matches my Twitter account and my XBox Live Gamer tag.

So, how Geeky is THAT!?

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog. This is hopefully the start of something good, well the start of something anyway… The main reason is primarily to serve as a memory dump for myself, I don’t know how many times I’ve either solved a particularly tricky problem, or stumbled across something really cool and then immediately forgotten about it. At least now it will be archived somewhere. Also, it’s good to share…

My primary job is as a Microsoft SharePoint consultant, so I expect the majority of my posts to be in that area, but I also like to dabble with XNA and Silverlight and I have a couple of personal projects going on with those technologies that I will probably want to blog about too.

So stay tuned…

Justin French