Wil Wheaton Week (Geek Cred. +3)


Somehow this week the planets have aligned in such a way that my week has centred around Wil Wheaton, raising my Geek Credibility by at least plus 3.

Not only have I just finished reading Just A Geek by Wil Wheaton but I finally got around to watching Stand By Me (which was a 99p deal of the week rental from iTunes). The book is a fantastic read as not only does it give a personal insight into the frustrations and anxieties that he faced as a successful teenage actor from Stand By Me through Star Trek : TNG and beyond but it also acts as an interesting account of his rise from awkward, gangly youth to the ‘grown-up’ Geek that I follow on Twitter and Blog.

Another interesting point is that Wil is the same age as me, something I never realised when watching TNG, and reading his book I feel that I can relate to him in a number of ways (minus the ‘successful’ and ‘actor’ ones of course…). I too aspire to one day become a writer (he has obviously already achieved this, I have some way to go!!!) and the focus he puts on his family is something I believe in very strongly.

So I get +1 for reading the book and +1 for watching the film (if you haven’t seen it, I really recommend it. So many things that happen, phrases they say and general experiences bring back so many memories of my own childhood…).

The final +1 I get is for the awesome T-Shirt that I am wearing in the photo. If you haven’t heard of http://shirt.woot.com, go there and have a look. Its a custom T-Shirt website that allows people to submit their own designs for T-Shirts and the top 20 most popular can be ordered (they deliver to the UK and are very reasonably priced). I was the VERY LAST person to order Wil Wheaton’s ‘How we roll’ T-Shirt design and if you go to this link you’ll see proof that I was the person that made this T-Shirt go out of print as I ordered the last one!! I ordered it using an id that matches my Twitter account and my XBox Live Gamer tag.

So, how Geeky is THAT!?